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It's a "Rent" Day

A 2 hour delay was really a nice way to start the day. Got some extra time to sit around sip my coffee before I had to wake all the kids and start the drama of mornings in our house. G and I got to share the morning, which I always enjoy. Made my way to the baby sitter, got run into a snow bank by a plow truck..... Literally I had two choices, take the truck and the plow blade head on or run the van into a snow bank. I had Max E. and Geoffy in the van with me, definitely chose the snow bank. Once in the snow bank, Max E. asks " Mommy why did you run the car into the snow?" Sounds funny now, but I was shaken to say the least.

The back roads were horrible this morning. Definitely took my life in my hands before eventually making it to the main roads which were clear and fine. Hope you all made it to your destinations safely and more uneventfully than my expedition.

My students finally crawled into the building around 10 am, and said "do you remember what you promised???" So out comes "Rent" out of my bag, as YES, I did remember that I promised my fellow addicts that if we had a delay day I would bring it in.... So..... I am in my classroom playing "RENT" and having to kick out kids who aren't mine and send them back to their classes, as half the school would otherwise be in my room.

On the weight loss front...... As a Family we are down(drum roll)..... 135 lbs!!! I am down 64 1/2 lbs myself and have had several non scale victories recently. They seem to be one of the few things that help me keep my head above water. (Those and the love that G envelops me in... Without that I would surely not have made it this far). I didn't feel like wearing anything in my closet this am...... I went shopping in G's closet!! YUP, We can share clothes now!!! YEAH!!! WOOOHOOO!!!!! I am down 4 clothing sizes and physically am feeling great!!!! (Now if I could just lose all the emotional baggage, I might be actually find myself in a good place for the first time in my life). Again, I couldn't have made it this far without G's support, love and reassurance. Thanks babe!!!!

I will be at the computer most of the day. Someone feel free to entertain me please!

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Here's to healing, losing, and just getting healthy in general!!!

Here is to all of us supporting one another on our journies of healing, weight loss, healthy life style changes and friendship.

Although G weighs in tomorrow, to date our clan is down 44 1/2 lbs in a about 4 weeks. It has been great doing with support for the first time.... I have done this program on and off for over 20 years and have never been this successful before.

I hope that we will all use this community to share ideas and provide friendship and support for one another.

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